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Welcome to Preemadonna's Official Community Portal!  This space is for our biggest supporters and ambassadors to connect, share stories, give product feedback and be inspired!

We are the inventors of Nailbot💅  Nailbot is our nail robot and intelligent manicure product line that automatically decorates fingernails.  
Nailbot is powered by our mobile art marketplace and community of makers and artists. We call ourselves Preemadonnas. Preemadonnas are inventors, artists, engineers, designers, athletes, teachers, leaders, hackers and showstoppers. We come from all over the world in all shapes, sizes, ages and races. 
Our Motto: We are Smart. We are Beautiful. #WeInventTheFuture 

About Nailbot

Our patented Nailbot prints emoji, your art, pictures from your camera roll, and licensed art - directly on your fingernails in less than 5 seconds. Future Nailbots evolve to print full polish. #GoNailbot
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